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Back to Basic car rental on Bonaire

Back to Basic Bonaire is hands down the most friendly carrental of Bonaire!

Back to Basic Bonaire is Started because we believe that all prices on Bonaire are to high. We believe in fair pricing.

Life on an island is always more expensive than on the mainland because everything has to be imported. We choose for the name Back to Basic Bonaire because we think that everybody should go back to the basic and review their prices to see if they are fair prices. To really explore Bonaire, you need transportation. There is no public transport on the island and there are a limited amount of taxi’s available (who are very reliable).

It’s possible to rent a bicycle, scooter or car. To make the right choice, you have to think about what you want to do and see while on Bonaire. Riding the bicycle is possible but very hard since we have a constant strong eastern trade wind and we also have some hills in the northern part of the island. In the middle of the day it is very hot and for most people that is to hot to ride the bicycle. A scooter is nice to explore the island with a real “freedom” feeling. Be aware to use enough sunscreen because you easily get burnt without noticing. It is also a bit harder to bring luggage, groceries or dive gear on a scooter. The car is the most chosen transportation on Bonaire. You can explore the whole island, even the national park Washington Slagbaai. It is also easy to bring luggage, groceries and dive gear.

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